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  • Octomore 10 Year Old

Octomore 10 Year Old

70cl, 57.3% abv

Bruichladdich Octomore 07.4 was distilled from barley peated to 167 ppm and matured in virgin oak. The potential combination of smoke-rich Octomore and sweet, honeyed vanilla derived from the great French oak forests of Allier intrigued the people of Bruichladich. This was uncharted territory, the first time that spirit distilled from Scottish malting barley and peated to these colossal levels had been matured in fresh wood.  For seven years, the heavyweight flavour profiles were in play during the development of this experimental dram. Just 12,000 bottles have been released at 61.2% vol.

Nose: Sweet, rich oak, notes of dried fruit, raisin and apricot. Then toasted bread, chocolate orange, coffee, coconut, buttery vanilla. 
Palate: Rich and sumptuous with a detonation of flavour. Sweetness, peat smoke and the richness of toasted oak. Sweet orange blossom honey and more and more oak fill the palate, all of this is veiled in peat smoke, almost medicinal in its character it is peppered with sweet spicy notes of cinnamon and clove. 
Finish: Honeysuckle and rose mingle with liquorice and clove, dried dates, apricots and honeyed vanilla released from the oak will slowly fade then the smoke will linger for an age competing with the sweetness of the oak for the last word on an unforgettable experience.

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