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  • Black Bull Kyloe Blended Whisky

Black Bull Kyloe Blended Whisky

70cl, 50% abv

Named after a breed of Highland cattle known for their resistance to the hectic weather of Scotland, the Black Bull Kyloe is just as robust and reliable as those lovely cows (and significantly less hairy). A brilliantly blended whisky with a high ratio of malt to grain and bottled without chill-filtration at 50% abv.

Nose: Syrup sweetness and warmth, with fruity hints of apples and pears and a touch of oak spice.
Palate: Soft notes of plump raisins and nuts. Milk chocolate comes through.
Finish: A fairly long finish, rich with vanilla.
Overall: A fine addition to the Black Bull range.

  • £29.95