Blanton's Gold Edition Bourbon
  • Blanton's Gold Edition Bourbon

Blanton's Gold Edition Bourbon

70cl, 51.5% abv

Blanton's Gold Edition Bourbon is superb single barrel bourbon from Blanton's. Blanton’s is distilled at Buffalo Trace distillery from a grain bill of corn, rye and topped with malted barley. Being a craft bourbon, each bottle is hand filled, sealed and labelled. Introduced in 1984, Blanton’s bourbon was the first ever Single Barrel Bourbon sold commercially and is the first of its kind. It is the original single-barrel bourbon whiskey – each and every bottle is drawn from a single cask and every cask is slightly different from the previous one.

Important Note: the wax on top of these Blanton's bottlings can be prone to cracking. So please be aware of this if you are ordering this fine bourbon. Rest assured; the fantastic liquid is not affected by this!

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