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  • Ardbeg Scorch Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky

Ardbeg Scorch Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky

70cl, 46% abv

Ardbeg Scorch Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky was bottled to celebrate Ardbeg Day 2021 and Islay’s definitely-real-and-not-made-up flavour breathing dragon, Ardbeg Scorch is a dram with an almost mythical flavour profile.

The Ardbeg whisky wizards have been hard at work, chanting incantations and conjuring spirits, concocting one of the Distillery’s most fantastical whiskies yet. Matured in ex-Bourbon American oak casks, fiercely charred and packed with smoke, discover lair upon lair of flavour in Ardbeg Scorch.

Colour: Bright brushed gold.

Nose: On the nose, frighteningly intense aromas of soot and smoke lie in wait. Hints of aniseed and fragrant patchouli interlace with bold notes of quenched steel and saddle soap. With a drop of water, herbal top notes of briarwood, sage and pine wisp their way to the fore.

Palate: Take a sip and experience lair upon lair of flavour. An oily mouthfeel grips the senses. Billowy clouds of sweet smoke and dragon charred oak permeate the palate, while grilled fare and black liquorice weave between notes of medicinal lozenge.

Finish: A long and heroic finale, with a subtle tarry aftertaste. A finish that will drag on, well into its happily ever after.

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