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  • Gulliver’s The Fine Drop Single Malt English Whisky

Gulliver’s The Fine Drop Single Malt English Whisky

70cl, 46% abv

***The Official Whisky of England Rugby***

This fine English single malt whisky is distilled by The English Whisky Co, Norfolk and bottled exclusively for England Rugby by Samuel Gulliver & Co. It’s a perfect marriage of the finest English ingredients; the purest water and the highest quality Concerto two-row local-grown barley which is malted at Crisps, one of the country’s oldest master maltsters since 1870. Finally, the whisky is finished in carefully selected and imported ex-Margaux red wine casks, from Bordeaux. This cask selection is a very rare pairing, and Gulliver & Co. believe it to be the first English whisky to release a Margaux cask finish. The result is a shiraz rose-coloured whisky with warm and welcoming aromas of dark cherry, spicy currants and roasted aromas. Samuel Gulliver & Co.’s 'The Fine Drop' is aged for 6 years before it is finished in ex-Margaux red wine, château-style casks in a nod to the host nation for 2023 and is a celebration of England Rugby's finest drop goal in 2003 that won the men's team the title of World Champions.

Nose: Delicate malt and dark cherry.

Palate: Fruity, like gently spiced currants.

Finish: Sweet at the start, then moves into a red berry, dry finish.

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