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  • The Wolf of Badenoch Single Malt Whisky

The Wolf of Badenoch Single Malt Whisky

70cl, 43% abv


The Wolf of Badenoch is a very fine, handcrafted 12 year old single malt whisky. It embodies the spirit of the lone wolf hunter; seeking out its prey with dedicated patience - the ultimate reward being fulfilment. Its scent is luscious, warm blooded and mysteriously fruity with darkened overtones. It has the underlying strength of character that is typified in the most famous of Speyside single malts. However, the maturation process has been taken one step further. For the last six months of maturation, it was aged in Prunelle Oak casks. The result of this marinade of fruity flavours is that The Wolf crosses the boundaries of current expressions and enters a new realm of evolution, whilst surprising and pleasing the most discerning palates. The Wolf was distilled at Speyside by the previous owner of The Speyside Distillery, Ricky Christie (son of George Christie, the founder of The Speyside Distillery), who then carefully supervised the final unique stage of maturation.

Colour: Golden amber.
Nose: Fruity bouquet with sweet floral undertones which were inexorably drawn from the Prunelle casks.
Palate: Sweet and luscious with hints of vanilla and prunes. Well rounded, warm and glowing.
Finish: Long, smooth, silky and satiating.

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