Douglas Laing and Co.

We were approached recently by Douglas Laing and Co. to see if we’d consider listing their very fine whiskies on our website. It was, as you may think, a “no brainer”!

Douglas Laing and Co. have been blending and bottling fine whiskies since 1948. They have an interesting history; a family business that is now in its third generation of Laings at the helm.

They have a fantastic range of whiskies and sell some really terrific expressions. They are whisky specialists whose aim is to steadfastly create a quality, handcrafted selection of the finest blended whiskies, with an extensive range of single and ‘vatted’ malts together with some old grains gleaned from their large stocks, which have been gathered and replenished over many decades.

Where appropriate they blend and bottle all their whiskies with such care and devotion that they’ve earned themselves an enviable reputation for style and taste; one which they continuously strive to enhance.

Their malt and blended Scotch whiskies have been laid down to rest and mature over many long years awaiting your consumption and fortunately they are now available from Whisky Please and we will stock more of their expressions in the coming weeks.

We sincerely hope that you will seek them out – then relax and take your time to enjoy some of their whiskies at the same leisurely pace that they have been waiting for you!

Douglas Laing and Co.

Douglas Laing and Co.Initially, we have launched our association with Douglas Laing and Co. by stocking “Big Peat” and “Scallywag” – two really great whiskies that are full of character and vitality. These whiskies are remarkable value for money and drink way beyond their price.

Have a look at them on our website; we are sure you’ll be tempted to try them. Please look back soon and see how our stock of Douglas Laing and Co. products grow.