Scotch Charter

The Scotch Charter is an initiative with a ten-point plan to help protect and advance the Scotch whisky industry. The initial intention is to get the charter noticed by Downing Street, which it is well on the way to achieving.

You can view (and sign) the Scotch Charter petition here.

The petition is aimed at everyone with an interest in securing the place of Scotch as the world’s most iconic and famous whisky. It argues that the Scotch whisky industry is under threat from falling exports, increased competition and a lack of a whisky tourism strategy.#Scotch Charter

Quoting Victor Brierley, the author of the charter; “Because nobody owns our national drink, you could do the rounds, speaking to the great and good in the Industry to try and create one, unified story of whisky, which Scotland can tell the world. The Scotch story. Our gift to the world. One, global message, free from the confines of competitive wrangling or mixed messages.”

The Scotch Charter calls for action on ten separate points that are summarised below;

  1. DIGITAL PORTAL. The definitive Scotch Whisky resource, an interactive map of all distilleries, social media.
  2. TOURISM STRATEGY. A united Scotch Whisky Trail, with schemes to encourage the opening of all distilleries to the public. Collaboration with venues, retailers and the travel industry.
  3. DEDICATED SCOTCH MINISTER. Scotch Whisky accounts for 78% of all Scotland’s Food and Drink Exports, the industry supports 40,000 jobs. Scotch needs dedicated representation at Government level.
  4. REDUCTION IN DUTY. At the next UK budget, the savings made, invested into Scotch providing resources to develop Whisky Tourism, Training and Provenance Schemes.
  5. INDEPENDENT SCOTCH AMBASSADORS. Mexico’s Government has official Tequila Ambassadors, promoting ALL Tequila, the national drink. We need similar champions to represent Scotch.
  6. ACCREDITED SCOTCH TRAINING. An accredited training scheme, for Scotch Whisky and education for everyone, especially those coming out of Scottish Food and Beverage Educational establishments.
  7. SCOTCH VENUE ACCREDITATION. Like Cask Marque for real ale pubs, but more fun and global – a minimum standard for Scotch service and training.
  8. OFFICIAL SCOTCH MEMBERSHIP. A club for global Scotch Fans, Bloggers, Venues, Distillers, Bottlers, Retailers and Professionals.
  9. PROTECTION AND PROVENANCE FOR SCOTCH. Like the NOM system for Tequila, this public facing mark, on bottles, would provide transparency. Granting of UNESCO World Heritage Status for #Scotch.
  10. DIAGEO, the World’s largest producer of Whisky with around 40% of Scotch production, have lots to gain. Let’s see gifted to the nation.

We are happy to support this initiative. Give us your views @whiskyplease