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  • Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or Single Malt Whisky

Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or Single Malt Whisky

70cl, 46% abv

This whisky was born from the memory of entering a pastry shop for the very first time. It’s about that first moment of finding your senses deliciously overwhelmed, breathing in the sweet scents and wishing you could take a bite of every creamy, flaky treat you see. In Nectar D’Or you can taste it all. To create it, the spirit is aged in American oak bourbon casks along with casks that once held Sauternes sweet white wine. The outcome is like a silky dessert-filled daydream of white chocolate swirled with lemon cream, crème caramel, almond croissants... all balanced by a soft drumbeat of spice. Each sip is like sending your senses on holiday to a French patisserie.

Honeyed gold.
Nose: Orange rind, sultanas and dates laced with spices of coconut and nutmeg.
Palate: Ginger, nutmeg and toasted almonds interwoven with a syrupy lemon meringue and honeycomb middle.
Finish: Long, sweet finish with lemon zest, chocolate, vanilla ginger and nutmeg.

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