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  • Prometheus 27 Year Old

Prometheus 27 Year Old

70cl, 47% abv

Prometheus 27 Year Old is a very rare single malt from Speyside, although the exact distillery of origin remains a secret. This 27 Year Old whisky shares similar roots to its younger sibling, but has its own distinct character. Rich, round, soft and fruity with a hint of lightly charred oak on the nose, delivering a powerful, savoury, spicy taste with a long, slightly smoky finish. Industry experts commented on the wonderful aromas and especially the warm smokiness, which is often more subdued in aged whiskies. The bottle is beautifully packaged in a bespoke presentation box, reflecting the precious whisky inside.

Colour: Dark amber.
Nose: Fruity with a hint of charred oak.
Palate: Savoury and spicy.
Finish: Long, with a hint of smoke.

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